The SmartFoam sensor is part of Hycontrol’s foam detection range, designed to detect and control foam in a single unit for basic foam applications. It is simple, robust and cost-effective. Within its head, the SmartFoam has a built-in transmitter to manage foam detection and control without the need for an external controller. This integrated sensor shows reliability, resilience, and complete immunity to fouling.

SmartFoam is available in a range of insertion lengths, with additional custom length options. SmartFoam is constructed from 316 Stainless steel and PVDF with a polypropylene head as standard. It offers a robust foam control solution for easy installation into an existing process system.

The SmartFoam sensor is solely for foam detection. As the sensor detects foam, the SmartFoam will provide a relay output to control an anti-foam dosing system. The SmartFoam can be connected directly to a PLC or process controller without the need for any additional instrumentation. The sensor includes a 3/4” BSP or NPT tapered fitting to enable it to screw into a process tank. Alternatively, fit the probe utilising a bracket over an open tank. It is easily cleaned and fully weatherproof for outdoor situations with IP66/67 enclosure.

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  • Reliable, robust and long life
  • Completely immune to fouling
  • Unique IMA® sensing technology
  • 24 V DC supply
  • Low installation cost
  • Integral electronics
Standard Length :
500 mm / 750 mm / 1000 mm / 1500 mm

Maximum Temperature :

Power Supply :
24 VDC 25 mA

Sealing :

SmartFoam Basic Foam Detection - Datasheet
SmartFoam Basic Foam Detection - Manual v1.5

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