Microflex LR

Microflex LR pushes the boundaries of non-contact ultrasonic level measurement. This new range of smart level transmitters can measure distances up to 60 metres and is suitable for solids and liquids. These transmitters use modern technology developed with low frequencies. They can operate in extreme applications, including very dusty and dirty environments, where most traditional ultrasonic units will fail.

Utilising frequencies as low as 5 kHz enables level measurement on difficult solids applications up to 60 metres as this frequency can penetrate the dust on filling cycles and can self-clean the transducer face.

Microflex LR is available in two configurations with 2/3/4-wire technology; an integral display (MI) four-button programmable instrument and a SMART blind (MS) version.

This product can be programmed from a PC using Hycontrol’s bespoke Vision System software. If necessary,  any necessary system adjustments can be made from the other side of the world using the internet by adding the Hycontrol Link. Hycontrol service engineers can remotely analyse and overcome any commissioning or operating issues experienced in the field, without having to visit the site; this reduces time and costs for the user.

Practical and powerful, Microflex LR has proven extremely popular with Hycontrol customers.

Microflex LR

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  • Range up to 60 m
  • Low power options down to 12 V DC
  • Multi-drop and BUS capability
  • Low-frequency for dust penetration
  • Two-wire advanced technology
  • Suitable for liquid and solid products
  • Non-contact measurement principle
  • Chemical resistant transducers
  • Remote connectivity for commissioning
Measuring Range :
0 - 60 m

Accuracy :

Maximum Temperature :

ATEX Option :

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Microflex LR Ultrasonic Integral Transmitter - Manual v4
Microflex LR Ultrasonic Smart Blind Transmitter - Manual v3

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