Bitumen Safety

Hycontrol offers customised bitumen safety systems tailored to meet the specific requirements of your site.

As the number one supplier in the UK for complete bitumen monitoring systems, Hycontrol has supplied every major quarry company and bitumen tank manufacturer in the UK. Hycontrol has won numerous industry awards for designing and manufacturing systems to improve site health & safety, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Hycontrol has designed its systems per safety guidelines and codes of practice issued by Eurobitume, formerly known as the Refined Bitumen Association (RBA). As a result, the system is geared for maximum safety. Working to this standard is essential if bitumen overspill and incident numbers are to be reduced and eventually eliminated. Hycontrol has extensively promoted RBA safety guidelines in the quarry industry; since the introduction of RBA guidance, bitumen accident numbers have decreased significantly over the last decade. 

Typical system features include level gauges, high-level and ultimate high-level alarms, LED traffic lights and ground-level test facilities. In addition, systems deploy group alarms for ultimate high (red) and high-level (amber) alarms. These work independently of each other, activated by either a high-temperature-proof TDR or RF probe. Each beacon has its siren also with different tones to differentiate between them. As well as being compliant with current RBA standards, ATEX options are also available if required.

Hycontrol not only manufactures their systems but also installs, supports and services them, providing a turn-key solution for the product's lifetime. Few other suppliers can offer this level of total service. In addition, all Hycontrol sales and service personnel are bitumen safety trained and carry quarry safety passports.

Bitumen Contents Measurement - Application Datasheet
Achieving Hot Bitumen Safety - White Paper
Bitumen Safety
  • Product Highlights
    • Customised overspill and overfill prevention
    • Comprehensive, award-winning safety systems
    • Continuous level measurement and high-level alarm probes
    • Optional LED 'traffic light' system at the fill point
    • IP-rated panel with clear displays
    • Fully Ground Level Test-enabled
    • Clear, attention-grabbing beacons and alarms
    • ATEX options available if required
    • Fully complies with guidance from Eurobitume, formerly the Refined Bitumen Association
    • Complete service and maintenance support available

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