Food and Beverage

Hycontrol fulfils a wide range of applications for food and beverage manufacturers, including level monitoring and foam control. Common applications include:

  • Silo protection
  • Solids level measurement in silos, tanks and other vessels of products including:
    • Sugar
    • Cereal
    • Chocolate
    • Caustic solutions and acids
    • Fats and oils
  • Point switches for high- and ultimate high-level alarms
  • Foam control systems


Application: Foam in Food Processing

The preparation of a wide range of food products generates large amounts of foam. This is particularly problematic in the washing of vegetables including peas, carrots, chips, crisps, sugar beet and various other root vegetables. Margins in the food industry have historically been very tight and the cost the cost of antifoam can be a considerable issue for producers. Detecting foam and controlling the antifoam addition with an automatic system can significantly reduce the cost of antifoam use and has proven to be of great benefit to Hycontrol customers including Pinguin Foods. This also helps to increase the efficiency of the process by eliminating downtime due to clean up. Hycontrol’s highly versatile SureSense+ Foam Control systems have been specifically developed for measuring the thickness of the foam in a process, detecting foam-liquid interfaces and measuring liquid levels, ignoring the presence of any foam. The patented technology behind these systems originated from detailed research into foam control during pharmaceutical fermentation. Hycontrol points out that the special measuring sensors and control equipment have been designed specifically for foam control and are not modified level sensors. 

Application: ATEX-Safe Silo Protection

Powdered product storage silos are at risk of dangerous, damaging over-pressurisation. Many of our customers have recognised the need for reliable silo protection at their manufacturing facilities. However, in the food industry, this common problem is further complicated by the fact that flour and other crucial ingredients are potentially explosive substances. Therefore ATEX safety precautions are essential. All of Hycontrol’s ATEX-area equipment is fully-certified, and Hycontrol’s decades of expertise guarantee a safe and effective installation. Hycontrol silo protection systems ensures that pressure and level safety are being maintained in a safe environment. We recommend that systems are serviced by ATEX-trained Hycontrol engineers every six months to ensure optimum performance, including checking ingredients like fine flour are not impeding the PRV or the filter unit.


We are proud to include KelloggsBritish Sugar, Bendicks of Mayfair, Kraft, Unique Foods, Nestlé, McVities and Pinguin Foods amongst our customers in this sector. To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.

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