Food and Beverage

Hycontrol fulfils a wide range of applications for food and beverage manufacturers, including level monitoring and foam control. Common applications include:

  • Silo protection
  • Solids level measurement in silos, tanks and other vessels of products including:
    • Sugar
    • Cereal
    • Chocolate
    • Caustic solutions and acids
    • Fats and oils
  • Point switches for high- and ultimate high-level alarms
  • Foam control for brewing


We are proud to include KelloggsBritish Sugar, Bendicks of Mayfair, Kraft, Unique Foods, Nestlé, McVities and Pinguin Foods amongst our customers in this sector. To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.

Food Manufacturing Foam Control Application - Pinguin Foods
Blocked Chute Detection Application - Animal Feed Manufacturer
Chocolate Tanks Level Control Application - Bendicks
Pet Food Level Control & Blocked Chute Detection Application - Gilbertson & Page
Food and Beverage

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