Microsense Flow Switch

Hycontrol’s Microsense flow/no-flow detector offers a safe and straightforward solution to various production applications. When applied to solids, powder or particulate products, the single-piece, non-contact unit alerts operators to disrupted flow where continued supply is required (perhaps caused by a blockage or loss of supply). Conversely, it can confirm flow has stopped entirely before new material is introduced into the flow stream, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

The flow switch uses a microwave Doppler effect and is non-invasive. During operation, the sensing head transmits a continuous low-power microwave beam onto the path of the flowing product. As a result, any present product will partially reflect the microwave beams. Analysis of these reflections will show whether the product particles are moving or stationary objects.

The highly penetrative microwave beam emitted by the Microsense unit passes through any build-up on the transmitter face. It will even detect through pipes of non-conducting materials such as plastic and ceramics. This versatile and powerful switch is best suited for detecting materials such as dry solids, granules, flakes, and powders. Microsense is sensitive enough to register low levels of flow. By ensuring operators are fully aware of their flow or no-flow status, the unit assists in the achievement of relevant hygiene standards, confirming there are no contaminants from other material streams present.

Typical applications include grain, flour, cement, ore, stone coal and animal feed mills. Microsense will detect flow in pipelines, chutes, transfer bins, distributors, feeders, conveyor belts, bucket elevators or free air. For extra security, this detector can combine with a microwave blocked chute monitoring system to provide both flow or no-flow output and blocked or clear chute indication, providing operators with maximum plant protection.

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  • High penetration of dust buildup
  • Reduces plant wastage
  • Improves plant efficiency
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Flow detection from outside the chute/pipe
  • Simple to install and commission
  • Can detect through plastic safety windows
  • No maintenance required
  • High-temperature options
Measuring Range :
0 - 1.5 m

Power Supply :
24 vDC

Maximum Temperature :
55ºC (500ºC Hi-Temp)

ATEX Option :

Microsense Microwave Flow Switch - Datasheet
Microsense Microwave Flow Switch DC - Manual v1.2
Microsense Microwave Flow Switch AC - Manual v1.2

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