MWS Blocked Chute Detector

The Hycontrol MWS microwave blocked chute detection system provides a simple non-contact, non-intrusive option suitable for many applications on dry powder or granular products.

An installation comprises a transmitter and a receiver which are mounted facing one another at distances up to 100 m apart (for the AC version). During operation, the transmitter emits a continuous, low-power microwave beam to the receiver, and an output relay is energised or de-energised when the monitored material obstructs the beam.

The amount of microwave energy received determines the switch trigger point. Therefore, the MWS can be adjusted to cater to different products and sensitivity settings depending upon the application. Typical applications for detecting the presence and non-presence of materials include flow and no-flow conditions, point level detection, blocked chute detection and proximity switch detection for reversing vehicles, including trucks and rail cars.

This technology can monitor through product build-up on tank or chute walls and can be non-intrusive by utilising protective windows. It is ideal for replacing costly nucleonic devices - unlike which there are no requirements for permits or special operator training. It is easy to retrofit to existing chutes and vessels. The MWS system has very low maintenance requirements

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  • High penetration of dust buildup
  • Total safety for operators
  • Non-contact measurement
  • No maintenance required
  • Measurement range up to 100 m (AC version only)
  • High-temperature options
  • Simple to install and commission
  • Retrofit to existing tanks/silos/chutes
  • Blocked chute detection
  • Can detect through windows
  • Replace expensive nucleonics
Measuring Range :
0 - 40 m (DC version) / 0 - 100 m (AC Version)

Power Supply :
24 vDC / 110/240 vAC (Non-CE version)

Maximum Temperature :
55ºC (+600ºC Hi-Temp)

ATEX Option :

MWS Microwave Level Switch - Datasheet
MWS Microwave Blocked Chute Detector (AC Non-CE Version) - Manual v2
MWS Microwave Blocked Chute Detector (DC Version) - Manual v2

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