Oil and Gas

Hycontrol's diverse product range has helped with a variety of applications in the oil land gas sector, including:

  • Bitumen level safety systems
  • Foam level monitoring and control
  • Liquid level control for products such as:
    • Oils
    • LPG
    • Tar
    • Waste oils
  • Point level switching
  • Alarm panels


Prominent past customers in this sector include BP, Oil Refining, Shell, Malary Oils, and Maxol. To discuss your oil and gas application, please contact Hycontrol to arrange a free consultation and quotation.

High-Accuracy Waste Oil Level Monitoring Application - Cleansing Service Group (CSG)
High-Accuracy TDR Level Application - Lubricant Manufacturer
Multi-Point Level Monitoring Application - Waste Processor
High-Accuracy Oil Level Monitoring Application - Maxol
Road Tanker TDR Level Measurement Application - Whale Tankers
Oil and Gas

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