Oil and Gas

Hycontrol's diverse product range has helped with a variety of applications in the oil and gas sector, including:

  • Bitumen-level safety systems
  • Foam level monitoring and control
  • Liquid level control for products such as:
    • Oils
    • LPG
    • Tar
    • Waste oils
  • Point level switching
  • High-accuracy level inventory and control
  • Alarm panels


Application: ATEX Tank Farms

Oil tank farms (at storage or recycling sites amongst others) are frequently hazardous area zones. Hycontrol has supplied many ATEX-safe systems, probes and panels. A typical example system may have ATEX-rated TDR level probes and independent high-level alarms in multiple tanks. Information from these is then fed to a bespoke control and display panel in the safe area, which is equipped with the relevant ATEX barriers and shows all the tank levels with independent beacons and sirens for the high-level alarm. Additionally, users can view all the information from the panel remotely either on- or off-site.

Prominent past customers in this sector include BP, Oil Refining, Shell, Malary Oils, and Maxol. To discuss your oil and gas application, please contact Hycontrol to arrange a free consultation and quotation.

High-Accuracy Waste Oil Level Monitoring Application - Cleansing Service Group (CSG)
High-Accuracy TDR Level Application - Lubricant Manufacturer
Multi-Point Level Monitoring Application - Waste Processor
High-Accuracy Oil Level Monitoring Application - Maxol
Oil and Gas

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