Silo Protection Systems

Many industries handle and transport millions of tonnes of powdered or particulate products every year, including cement, lime, sugar, flour and others. These products are mainly transported by road tanker and deposited in storage silos by fluidising the powders and blowing them in at pressure. This pneumatic conveying operation uses pressurised air to carry the product into the silo, creating a severe over-pressurisation risk if the airflow is uncontrolled or if the air is not vented efficiently through a filter. Most silos are not pressure vessels, and it may take only a slight increase in internal pressure (as little as one psi) to either rupture the silo or blow the filter unit off the roof.

With award-winning systems to protect silos from over-pressurisation risks, Hycontrol is the only SPS manufacturer whose systems both meet and exceed safety guidelines from the Mineral Products Association. If you have any queries regarding SPS, we have a dedicated mini-website (, an introductory Frequently Asked Questions page in the 'About Us' section HERE, and there is also a technical support FAQ HERE. In addition, if you want to talk to a Hycontrol engineer or arrange a free assessment of your current silo safety situation, please get in touch via the contact methods listed below.