Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Hycontrol has extensive experience in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector, dealing with a range of applications. Common applications in this sector include:

  • Silo protection
  • Liquid level measurement and overfill prevention for products including:
    • Caustic acids
    • Soaps
    • Hydrochloric acids
    • TDI (toluene)
    • Waste products and effluent
  • Corrosive applications
  • ATEX-approved equipment
  • Foam level monitoring and control


Application: Pharmaceutical Foam Control

The development and production of pharmaceutical products frequently involve mixing liquids and adding air or other gases, particularly in the case of fermentation processes which produce both precursors and end products. Foam is a common problem in fermentation processes and can cause overflows, blocked filters, contamination, damage to equipment and expensive complete product loss. A common way to control foam is by continuous or manual addition of defoamer chemicals. This method is hit-and-miss, with considerable disadvantages. It is almost impossible to add the optimum amount of antifoam without measuring the foam. Overdosing with antifoam reduces the mass gas transfer and consequently reduces the efficiency and yield of the process.

By far, the best approach to managing foam in a bioreactor is to measure the foam using a foam sensor fitted in the head plate and to add just enough defoamer only when it is required. Hycontrol's foam sensors were initially designed for just this purpose. Hycontrol has many years of experience with measuring foam in fermenters and bioreactors using microbial, animal cell, fungal and other microorganisms. We can provide products to USP Class 6 standards with the required documentation using FDA approved materials. There is a wide range of available fittings to suit all makes of vessels including laboratory scale, pilot scale and production scale bioreactors. Hycontrol foam sensors are hygienic, steam sterilising and suitable for CIP. The design of the sensors includes fouling immunity to prevent false alarms and overdosing. Additionally, they can be used to measure both liquid and foam level at the same time. This function is particularly useful in busy reactors with limited head plate ports. 


We are proud to include Basildon Chemicals, Bituchem, Corus, Bayer & Bayer, Colgate, CaligenBASF, Monarch Chemicals and GSK amongst our customers in this sector. To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.

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