DP150 Diamond Point

The DP Series Diamond Point level switches from Hycontrol are a family of vibrating probes for use with dry products, ranging from heavy materials such as stone, aggregates, GGBS and ready-mix cement, to very low-density materials like cornflakes, ash, lime, fly-ash and flour.

The blade is oscillated by a piezoelectric crystal, meaning there are no mechanical parts to wear out. This unique principle of operation, combined with the special diamond shape, ensures that it is self-cleaning. Additionally, because it is only sensitive near the probe tip, it is not influenced by build-up on the silo walls or along the cable.

A very popular choice in level switching, silo protection and safety system applications, the DP150 can be supplied with up to 20 metres of a polyurethane sheathed, steel rope reinforced cable.

The DP150 is for top mounting only. The connection to the container is made by thread 1½” DIN or NPT. The DP150 has the advantage of offering very long insertion lengths which can be adjusted if required using simple cable ties. Besides this it also allows for easy transport and storage as it can be shipped in a more compact box (particularly when compared to the extension tube models DP130 and DP140).

The DP150 can be used for the detection of solids or for the detection of sediment below the liquid level.

It is ideal for ultimate high-level alarm safety, and for this reason, it is also used as an integral component in Hycontrol's SHIELD Lite silo protection system. Besides its self-cleaning action, the switch is fully Ground Level Test-enabled, making it the most reliable switch type for high-level alarm applications on powdered and solid products.

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  • No moving parts to wear
  • No maintenance required
  • Very strong and robust
  • Unaffected by environmental changes
  • ATEX options
  • Simple to install
  • Measures products from 10 grammes/litre
  • Only sensitive near the probe tip 
Standard Length :
Up to 20 m

Minimum Product Density :
10 gpl

Maximum Temperature :
-20ºC to +80ºC

ATEX Option :

DP Series Vibrating Level Switches for Solids - Datasheet
DP120, DP130, DP140 & DP150 Vibrating Probes for Solids - Manual v6

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