New MPA Silo Pressure Safety Guidance

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) has now published 'Guidance for Prevention of Storage Silo Over-Pressurisation During Road Tanker Deliveries of Non-Explosive Powders', a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to keeping silos, sites and staff safe during pneumatic deliveries of cement and other powdered products.

MPA and its members aim to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries linked to 'Fatal 6' causes by 2025. One of the key strategies to achieve this is focusing on particular activities within our industry that are known to be hazardous, seeking ways to mitigate the risks associated with these activities. The delivery of materials into silos under pressure is one of these operations.

Pneumatic delivery/discharge of powders into silos is an everyday occurrence at mineral company and customer sites. Deliveries that are not well controlled and monitored or silos that are not correctly equipped and maintained present a significant risk of silo over-pressurisation. The explosive failure of silos due to over pressurisation puts workers lives at risk of serious injury from the impact of flying or falling debris - one of the MPA 'The Fatal 6' hazards.

Hycontrol, in conjunction with the MPA, has produced a guide providing information on the following:
•   The dangers associated with silo pressurisation.
•   How to spot the danger signs.
•   How to eliminate or reduce risks by providing appropriate monitoring and detection systems.
•   The importance of regular checks, maintenance and safe working practice.

Training drivers and operators to spot the danger signs and understand the root causes of silo over pressurisation is essential. We will only prevent future incidents if this knowledge is shared and suitable safety equipment has been deployed within the industry. This guidance is invaluable reading for anyone responsible for or actively engaged in operations where deliveries are made into silos.

Hycontrol has collaborated on this 32-page document from the start, sharing our wealth of experience and comprehensive library of on-site photography.

Our firm belief is that this booklet will trigger a much-needed conversation about silo safety in the industry. By following this guidance, sites in the UK and beyond can ensure their deliveries happen in a safe and controlled manner.

Click below to download the new guidelines. If you would like a printed copy, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will arrange to send one to you. In addition, the MPA will distribute a limited number of printed copies to member companies.

Mineral Products Association Silo Protection Guidance 2022
New MPA Silo Pressure Safety Guidance