Annual Servicing Contracts

Servicing control and safety equipment is necessary, but it can add to the burden of site managers who have to organise maintenance visits several times a year.

It's easy to miss or forget something, creating headaches, distractions and extra bureaucracy for site managers who already have enough demands on their time. And this has to be done every year – equipment will need ongoing servicing for as long as it is in use.

Site managers can circumvent the bulk of this work by taking out an annual Hycontrol maintenance contract, slashing the administrative burden. One order covers the full year of service visits and all the required regular maintenance parts, such as replacement PRV springs. Hycontrol will then liaise with the designated contact ahead of the service to confirm the engineers' date to attend the site.

  • Never miss a service – rather than having to arrange every single service visit and risk something getting missed, leave Hycontrol to do the work for you. Always be up to date for any surprise audits!
  • Save time – with the recent issues COVID has presented (staff shortages, people working from home), processes and paperwork are taking even longer to complete. Why not sort all your maintenance in one go?
  • Save money – every action has a cost. Reducing time spent organising services by between 50% and 75% will have significant benefits.
  • Be better organised – Hycontrol will contact you with a date well in advance of your service to allow the site the maximum time needed to manage access at heights/permits/inductions.
  • Don't worry – enjoy peace of mind knowing you have your full year of servicing sorted.


Download our new datasheet from the link below, and contact us to discuss your servicing needs.

Annual Service Contracts - Datasheet
Annual Servicing Contracts