Example Projects

What follows is a handful of our previous systems/project installations. This barely begins to scratch the surface of the breadth of work that Hycontrol has seen through to completion over the years - more examples can be found on the case studies page of our Downloads section.

Hycontrol engineers are experienced in working with site staff to ensure minimal disruption during the installation process and are adept in many areas such as ATEX installations, cable running, problem-solving, and many more.

Marshalls national silo protection project


Internationally-recognised cement company. In a £1.1 million safety upgrade project, Hycontrol installed silo protection systems on 150 cement and PFA silos, located across UK 24 sites. Hycontrol designed an engineering solution that was standardised, systemised, was legally compliant and would work across the entire Marshalls network. In addition, the silo protection system is fail-safe, enabling tanker drivers to check spare capacity prior to discharge and integrating with Marshalls' preferred Allen Bradley PLCs.

Silo protection systems installed at SIKA


Global sealant and adhesive specialist. Hycontrol installed silo protection systems on nine 50-tonne capacity silos at SIKA UK headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, three containing cement and six containing sand. The silo protection systems defend against the risk of over-pressurisation. 

CSG waste oil level control system


Leading waste management specialists. A multi-point TDR level measuring system supplied by Hycontrol provides essential inventory information at CSG's waste oil facility. The system is monitoring seven tanks ranging in capacity from 50,000 litres up to 120,000 litres. There is also an independent high level alarm system. The sensors are connected to a Hycontrol alarm panel, activating visual and audible alarm should levels in any tank rise above a predetermined point.

Neogene Paints level control


UK-based manufacturer of performance paints and coatings for use in industrial applications. 15 level probes connected to the bespoke alarm and level display/logging panels.

Eco Oil cabling


Comprehensive ATEX level and alarm system across multiple tanks with extensive cabling throughout the site.

Morris Lubricants trade counter display panel


A British, independent, family-owned company that has been manufacturing lubricants since 1869. To speed up the manufacturing process, accurate level measurement was needed on their bulk storage tanks and vessels, along with displays of information at external fill points and various other production places throughout the site. High-level alarms for overspill prevention were also essential. Thirty-three outdoor oil tanks were fitted with a mix of TDR probes and ultrasonic transmitters, with a contents panel at the fill point, providing a display in litres and an additional 0-100% bar graph for each tank. Inside the facility, another panel displays contents for all 22 tanks in the production area as well as the extra 11 additive tanks upstairs, all monitored with TDRs.

Hanson bitumen


Hanson is part of the HeidelbergCement Group, producing aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement related materials. Hycontrol has worked closely with Hanson over the years to install numerous RBA-compliant bitumen overspill prevention systems to maintain safety standards on their UK sites.