Custom-Designed Systems

Hycontrol has received several industry safety awards for designing and manufacturing level monitoring systems to prevent overspill from tanks or silos. Our systems will significantly improve health and safety on-site, reduce product wastage and avoid expensive damage to storage vessels.

Typical systems include a level gauge displaying contents and ullage with an early high-level warning and an additional and separate independent ultimate high-level probe. The displays provide the ultimate solution for preventing overspills when coupled with clear level information in the form of ultra-bright multi-LED traffic lights.

Hycontrol exceeds in individually tailoring systems to meet the application's requirements and provide the 'best-engineered solution'.

Systems are available with a wide array of configurations. Hycontrol is one of the only level measurement companies in the UK to design, build, supply, install and service complete systems for its clients.

  • Designed in-house by Hycontrol engineers
  • ATEX designs available
  • Full installation service available
  • Hycontrol engineers are cherry picker licenced
  • Technical support for the life of the equipment
  • Service engineers trained in panels and components
  • Spares held by service engineers in case of emergency
  • All panel spares held at our main office in Redditch
  • Innovative designs coupled with level gauge benefits
  • Competitive product range
  • No third parties are involved for maintenance
  • 40 years of engineering expertise
Custom-Designed Systems