Alarm and Display Panels

Hycontrol's ability to solve level measurement problems extends far beyond providing the actual level gauge or probe itself. To reduce or eliminate product shortages, overspills and production loss, requires not only a reliable level gauge but a clear visual indication of what is happening in the tank or vessel. Many errors can be avoided by increasing the graphical display of contents or alarm conditions and raise awareness of impending problems.

Hycontrol manufactures more panels than any level measurement company in the UK, and our experience and know-how ensure that our panels provide the right information and warnings reliably and effectively.

Hycontrol has always advised customers what to install and how best to do it. However, trying to involve third-party panel manufacturing companies (who may not understand the application) in the level measurement equation gives unsatisfactory results. Hycontrol engineers understand what is needed to provide concise displays of both tank contents and alarm conditions. 

Hycontrol engineers understand what needs to be built to meet the objective of clear displays of both tank contents and alarm conditions. Although many panel solutions from Hycontrol are of what might be considered a standard nature, many require a custom build and unique logic programming to ensure valves or heaters are turned 'on' or 'off' at the correct time in the right sequence. This information is shared with our onsite installation and service teams to ensure proper setup and quality maintenance.

Pictured is an example of the flexibility of the modern Hycontrol touchscreen HMI, a popular choice on many of our current panels.