SHIELD SPS Quick Installation Kit

The pre-wired SHIELD quick installation kit gives customers the option of installing their new SHIELD SPS themselves, significantly reducing costs. It allows for fast and straightforward installation of the world's most advanced silo protection system.

The kit is provided ready to go and follows a simple wire-by-numbers procedure to eliminate any chance of wiring mistakes: terminate each numbered core in the associated numbered terminal.

The purpose of this product is to make comprehensive silo protection affordable and straightforward for all sites. Of course, Hycontrol also offers a complete installation service for it's UK customers. Calibration of a newly-installed SHIELD silo protection system is imperative to ensure correct settings and optimal performance.

SHIELD SPS Quick Installation Kit - Datasheet
Eleven Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Silo Protection System
  • Product Highlights
    • Wire by numbers
    • Ready to install straight out of the box
    • Significantly reduce installation costs
    • Full technical and calibration support available

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