SHIELD Silo Protection System

Hycontrol’s new SHIELD silo protection system is the most advanced SPS on the market today and is the result of decades of silo pressure technology development, experience and expertise. With a compact, all-in-one design that can be retrofitted to almost any silo and utilising state-of-the-art pressure monitoring/control equipment that features Hycontrol’s pioneering Ground Level Test facility, the SHIELD SPS represents a technological pinnacle from the experts in silo protection. The best silo protection system just got better.

For further information on SHIELD SPS, please download the datasheet below or review the videos to the right. If you would like to discuss how comprehensive silo protection can ensure your site is safe, please contact us to talk to one of our specialists.

  • Key Benefits of SHIELD Silo Protection System
    • The most advanced silo protection system on the market today - a new concept in silo protection from the experts in the field
    • Improves site safety through reduction of both working at height and silo over-pressurisation risks
    • Automatic shut-off in the event of pressure spikes, with a thirty-second warning for high-level events
    • Comprehensive event logging allows for preventative maintenance – allowing service engineers to tackle system issues before they become problems
    • Reduces maintenance and service costs with Ground Level Testing - test the whole system in just six seconds
    • Easy-to-use one-key/button Ground Level Test system guarantees complete silo protection and will not allow filling unless all safety components are proven fully functional
    • A turnkey solution - expert technical support and service teams available. Choose to work with a reliable company that has over 30 years’ experience in level measurement and pressure safety technology
    • The most competitively-priced, comprehensive system available, which actually lowers the overall cost of ownership
    • Reduces the risk of silo damage – because vessels can rupture at pressures above 1 psi, reliable pressure monitoring and control are essential
    • Monitors driver behaviour and performance with advanced diagnostics. Site managers will be alerted to dangerous filling practices
    • Improves environmental protection quality through large-scale reduction of product emissions
    • Exceeds current MPA standards – Hycontrol is the only manufacturer whose silo protection systems not only comply with but also exceed safety standards from the Mineral Products Association
    • Unique pressure sensor detects not only pressure but also vacuum - in the unlikely event of vacuum forming, SHIELD will fully open the valve to remove it before silo damage can occur
  • Key Features of SHIELD SPS
    • VIPER seals - eliminates air leakage and water ingress. Easy to remove and replace
    • Easy-grip, quick release cover retainers enable easy inspection and cleaning on the silo-top
    • Local pressure relief valve (PRV) lifting button for cleaning and seal inspection
    • Durable polypropylene weather shield to protect the PRV and electronics
    • Corrosion-resistant, powder-coated steel body for durability in all conditions
    • Multi-point mounting holes for easy retrofitting - fits most popular connections or to mount on new upstand unit
    • High-specification pneumatic filter regulator with auto-drain to provide accurate compressed air control
    • Integrated, purpose-designed silo pressure sensor with Ground Level Test (GLT) capability and self-cleaning function
    • Integrated pressure relief valve (PRV) with GLT function - cycles the valve as part of the pre-fill test routine and records lifts during filling
    • Control panel records alarm events and PRV lifts - enables preventative maintenance and driver behaviour monitoring
    • Low-friction spring guides reduce wear during testing and improve spring longevity
    • Integrated test electronics for a simple installation and set-up
    • Normally-closed butterfly valve at the fill point will not open until all safety tests are passed
    • Fill valve automatically shuts should pressure spike, PRV open or high-level activate
    • Monitors and controls air to the filter/vent unit, ensuring supply to the self-cleaning system and eliminating wastage
    • GLT activated with single key turn and tests the whole system in six seconds
    • Utilises DP Series vibrating probes for high-level alarm - fully testable and self-cleaning
    • Safe, low voltage power requirements - whole SHIELD system operates on a 24 vDC power supply
SHIELD Silo Protection System - Brochure
Silo Protection System Installation Application - Sika
SHIELD SPS Quick Installation Kit - Data Sheet

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