Plumb Bob Electro-Mechanical Level Devices

The Hycontrol PB3000 Series and PB4000 Series are electro-mechanical measuring devices, commonly referred to as plumb bob units. They offer a cost-efficient solution to measure solid products in tanks or silos continuously.

Plumb bob units are mounted at the top of the vessel. The operating principle is straightforward: a sensor weight mounted at the end of a rope or tape is wound around a motor-driven roller. The sensor weight drops into the vessel until it makes contact with the surface of the bulk material. Contact halts the probe's descent, changing the motor's direction and rewinding the weight up to the upper stop position. The distance travelled by the weight is measured electronically by the rotations of the internal rope/tape roller. The microcontroller then converts the measured distance to an output signal for the user.

This technology has been available for decades and has proven to be a practical solution for specific problematic applications. For example, it works well on low-dielectric plastic products or salt saturators to detect granular salt levels beneath the water's surface. In addition, it is a simple and effective solution.

However, users must be aware that - due to the constant wearing suffered by the mechanical parts - this technology is prone to breakages and malfunctions and, as such, may prove unreliable or require a higher level of maintenance. Unlike other suppliers, Hycontrol insists on being upfront with customers about this issue. In many cases, we would advise the use of a more modern technology that is more reliable - however, for some applications, the old plumb bob method is still the best option, which is why these products remain in the Hycontrol range.

Plumb Bob Electro-Mechanical Level Devices

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  • Suitable for interface detection
  • Independent of material properties
  • Unaffected by dusty atmospheres
  • Simple automatic operation
  • Long-life motors to maximise operation
  • No mechanical load on the silo roof
  • High-temperature options
  • ATEX options for hazardous areas
  • Service interval alarm indication
  • A low-cost and accurate level measurement solution
Measuring Range :
0 - 40 m

Accuracy :
1% of Measured Range

Maximum Temperature :

ATEX Option :

PB3000 Electro-Mechanical Plumbob Level Device - Datasheet
PB4000 Electro-Mechanical Plumbob Level Device - Datasheet
PB3000 Electro-Mechanical Plumbob Level Device - Manual v1
PB4000 Electro-Mechanical Plumbob Level Device - Manual v1

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