Float Switches

Float Switches are uncomplicated, inexpensive and efficient liquid-level sensors. They are easy to install and designed for trouble-free operation over a long life. Hycontrol currently offers three different models of float switch:

FA Series: Hycontrol's updated FA series cable float range gives the user a wide range of options to suit their needs. The switches use micro switches, proximity switches or reed switches to control the contact. The switches will transmit an ON or OFF contact signal output when the float rises and turns upwards. The switch contains a metal ball that slides as the float position changes. Various float materials are available to suit different water or solution temperatures, with plastic and stainless steel switches being the most common options. They work in both clear and granular liquids. Long-distance detection points and multi-point contacts are also available.

LF Series: The LF series utilises a fixed, side-mounted float and uses liquid buoyancy to determine its switch point. A change of liquid level correspondingly moves the float between extreme levels of up and down, which will trigger a state change as required. It is a straightforward yet effective solution for many liquid-level switching applications. Both MicroSwitch and Reed Switch types are available and can function at temperatures up to 100°C. Mounting flanges are custom-specifiable (JIS, DIN, ANSI). Liquid-wetted party material is an option for SUS304 or SUS316, as well as enclosed explosion-proof models.

Magnetic Float: Houses either a single or multiple reed switch units in a stainless steel or engineering plastic stem. The permanent magnet is sealed in the float's middle, forming a moving ring around the stem. The liquid buoyancy moves the float up or down the stem, causing the magnet inside to trigger the switches as it passes them. This device offers multiple-point measuring, which can be custom-set. The housing protection is IP65, with rugged construction and multiple options for casing materials, including PVDF, PP, PVC, SUS304, and SUS316.

FA Series Cable Float Switches - Datasheet
LF Series Float Switches - Datasheet
Magnetic Float Switch - Datasheet
Float Switches
  • Product Highlights
    • Determine the rise or fall of water levels by floatation
    • Highly dependable
    • Both MicroSwitch and Reed Switch types available
    • Robust designs function in adverse conditions
    • Liquid-wetted party materials SUS304 or SUS316 as well as enclosed explosion-proof models (LF Series)
    • Construction from PVDF, PP, PVC, SUS304, SUS316 (Magnetic Float)
    • Versatile applications in chemically corrosive, acid and alkaline liquid, solvents or oil fuels
    • Multiple point measuring, multiple level points can be custom-made (Magnetic Float)

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