HMI Systems Display

**New for 2020**

Hycontrol HMI Systems utilise the latest in touchscreen technology to provide users with advanced control and information options where it is needed most. The bright, full-colour HMI display screen provides easy-to-read interfaces, with wide viewing angles for the best all-around data viewing.

The touchscreen interface provides fast, easy access to recorder menus making setup and data analysis quick and efficient. Navigation through the menus and setting of parameters are both direct and intuitive.

These units are utilised on a range of applications, providing clear indication and alarm functions for multiple tank contents on products ranging from solvents and chemicals to sands and oils. New HMIs can be linked to the main panel as mimic displays, as well as the option for PC connections via VNC and to remotely view the mimic screen on PC via the LAN. This connectivity allows data to be shared throughout the site as required. Data can also export to a USB stick.

Display units such as these feature in Hycontrol's control and monitoring panels - usually assembled as part of a bespoke level or protection system. However, the units can be purchased separately as required and are compatible with level products from all major manufacturers. To discuss your monitor and display requirements, please use the contact details below to ask for advice from a Hycontrol engineer.

HMI Systems Display

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  • Modern, clear 10" touch-sensitive screen
  • Intuitive display and set-up
  • Range of IP-rated housing options
  • 4-20 mA and digital inputs
  • Programmable scales, titles, units and alarms
  • HLA, HHLA, & LLA alarm settings
  • Optional email functions for all alarms
  • Instant trend viewing display
  • Daily backup CSV data email and log email
  • Connect PC or 2nd HMI via VNC
  • Option for duplicate connected screens
  • Password-protected programming
Power Supply :
100 - 240 V AC

Display :
10” touch-sensitive screen

Input :
8x 4-20 mA (analogue) / 8x digital

Housing :

HMI Systems - Datasheet

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