Digital Display Units

Designed without compromise, the Hycontrol HYC3420 4-digit and HYC3600 6-digit display units use leading-edge technology to accept all commonly used process inputs. Numerical units display on a high-efficiency red LED display that provides daylight readability.

The displays can be set to show a fixed number of decimal places or to auto-scale to show the maximum resolution. The innovative case design enables installation of option pods without the need for dismantling or re-calibration. ‘Plug and Play’ pods are available for relay outputs and isolated re-transmission (0-10, 0-20, 4-20 mA). MODBUS RS485 is also available.

The flexibility of plug-in option pods, combined with the switch mode power supply results in reduced stock holdings and low cost of ownership. The front sealing is to IP65, and the case has a moulded-in rubber gasket to seal to the panel maintaining the IP65 rating, ideal for dusty areas or where low-pressure jets of water clean down equipment.

Tension clamp two-part connectors are standard and provide for fast wiring, enabling the complete installation in typically half the time it would take using conventional screw terminals. Programming is via the front panel keys following a logical menu.

Options for enclosures for wall mounting are available.

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  • 'Plug and Play' option pod
  • Front panel programming
  • 2-year warranty
  • Simple set-up menu
  • IP65 protection on the front panel
  • High intensity LED
  • 4- or 6-digit display
  • Wide range power supply
  • 24 V DC excitation transmitter power
  • Current and voltage input signals
Display Digits :
4 (HYC3420) / 6 (HYC3600)

Sealing :

Input :
mA / mV

Excitation :
24 vDC at 50mA

HYC3420 & HYC3600 Digital Display Indicators - Datasheet
HYC3420 Digital Display Indicator - Manual v1
HYC3600 Digital Display Indicator - Manual v1
HYC3420 & HYC3600 Display Indicator Programming - Manual v1

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