DP140 Diamond Point

The DP Series Diamond Point level switches from Hycontrol are explicitly designed for use with dry products ranging from heavy materials such as stone, aggregates and cement, to very low-density materials like cornflakes and flour. Its unique principle of operation and shape ensure that it is self-cleaning and because it is only sensitive near its tip, it is not influenced by build-up on the silo walls. The diamond design is up to 5 times stronger in the vertical loading plane due to it's reinforced internal web support.

The DP140 provides the flexibility of different insertion lengths up to 4 metres. The extension pipe has threads on both ends screwed between the vibrating probe and the 1½" mounting socket. As no special equipment is necessary for making the extension tube at the site, this bot only allows the user to make adjustments to fit their application, but also helps to reduce the requirement for spares ordering and saves costs on transportation. 

The DP140 is suitable for top and angular mounting - refer to the datasheet below for more information. Note that this probe is not currently suitable for ATEX applications.

Like all members of the DP family, the DP140 is fully testable from ground level to help reduce working at height and promote a safer working environment.

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  • No moving parts to wear
  • No maintenance required
  • Very strong and robust
  • Unaffected by environmental changes
  • ATEX pending
  • Simple to install
  • Measures products from 10 grammes/litre
  • Only sensitive near the probe tip 
Standard Length :
Up to 4 m

Minimum Product Density :
10 gpl

Maximum Temperature :
-20ºC to +80ºC

ATEX Option :

DP Series Vibrating Level Switches for Solids - Datasheet

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