SureSense+ is an advanced wall-mounted foam controller which connects to up to three sensors mounted in a single or multiple process vessel(s). This multi-probe capability allows for fully independent monitoring and dosing control of up to three tanks from a single controller, offering multi-tank users a significant cost saving.

SureSense+ allows accurate aqueous foam control by sensing and differentiating between foam or liquid contact. Utilising a selection of control algorithms, the controller can activate a dosing pump to keep the foam at a fixed level or reduce the foam height as required. In addition, it offers proportional and delay-and-shot algorithms for antifoam dosing when controlling a pump or valve.

Hycontrol’s unique IMA sensing® technology ensures the system will operate correctly even if the attached sensors become severely fouled. The controller is pre-programmed with several practical factory application settings/recipes to aid set-up and offers both proportional and delay-and-shot algorithms for antifoam dosing when controlling a pump or valve. The controller has an adjustable response time to discriminate between foam, splashing, or other spurious triggers. Although the controller can provide stand-alone control, it can also interface to control different actions such as vacuum valves or gas control. Thresholds are adjustable for both foam and liquid levels to allow for light foams. ATEX barriers for hazardous areas are also available.

It is important to remember that Hycontrol foam probes are NOT modified level sensors and have been custom-designed for this purpose. Most, if not all, competing products are not made to work with foam. This distinction is essential when one considers the unreliability of traditional level technologies in detecting light, airy foams.

  • Key Benefits of SureSense+
    • Reduce antifoam use (reported savings of up to 99%)
    • Improve process control
    • Increase the security of process and equipment
    • Reduce downtime
    • Reduce workforce
    • Increase yields and vessel utilisation
  • Key Features of SureSense+
    • Clear display with easy menus for simple programming and use
    • Multiple relay outputs for improved control
    • Connect up to three foam probes to one controller - reduce costs
    • Liquid detection capability to provide greater process control
    • Proportional dosing algorithm reduces unnecessary anti-foam use
    • Record anti-foam use to alert when approaching a low level
    • Directly control pumps or valves, or connect to an external controller
    • Probes pressure resistant to 10 bar, temperature to 150°C
    • A wide selection of foam probe lengths, connections and materials
    • Immunity to fouling with unique IMA sensing® = total probe reliability
SureSense+ Foam Control System - Datasheet
SureSense+ Foam Control System - Manual v5

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