Automated Antifoam Dosing Panel

Built around Hycontrol's patented SureSense+ foam monitoring and control technology, the new PFRC Automated Antifoam Dosing panel combines high-accuracy foam detection with precision defoaming chemical dosing.

The system detects and differentiates between aqueous foam and liquid. Once the foam is detected it can be controlled by utilising one of a selection of control algorithms; the controller can activate the panel's dosing pump to either keep the foam at a fixed level or to reduce the foam height as required. Users can select proportional or delay-and-shot algorithms for antifoam dosage.

The system can monitor two tanks independently and is perfect for use in applications such as Anaerobic Digestion. Hycontrol has already supplied these systems for use on many digesters, as systems such as this are becoming a requirement for many insurers. Within digesters, aside from preventing over-spills and maintaining safety, this technology has been shown to reduce the use of antifoam/defoamer significantly. 

With patented IMA sensing® technology, the control system will operate correctly even if the foam sensors are coated or fouled with the product. To discriminate between foam and splashing or other spurious triggers, the controller has an adjustable response time. Thresholds are adjustable for both foam and liquid level to allow for very light foams. ATEX versions are available, and the dosing panel has five configurable relays.

The dosing pump features a selectable configuration for manual or automatic control and a variable flow rate. There are three different pump sizes available for use, giving total flexibility for most applications.

The system uses a low-level float switch within the IBC/antifoam tanks, enabling it to stop dosing when the antifoam/defoamer runs out. This low-level alert will also illuminate an LED on the panel to advise users that they have run out of chemicals. Optional panel extras include sirens and beacons. 

Please note: Hycontrol foam probes are NOT modified level sensors. They have been custom-designed for the foam control application. Competing systems are most likely modified level sensors and have not truly been made to work with foam. Traditional level technologies are very poor at detecting light, airy foams. Users must bear this distinction in mind when selecting a foam control and antifoam dosing system.

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  • Patented IMA sensing® technology
  • Adjustable flow output up to 20 l/hr
  • Multiple sensor and control options
  • Selection of panel alarm options
  • Float switch monitors antifoam levels
  • Proportional or delay-and-shot antifoam dosage
Enclosure Rating :
IP 65

Power Supply :
100-240 V AC

Valve Material :

Diaphragm :

Risks of Foam in Anaerobic Digesters - Application Datasheet
PFRC Automated Antifoam Dosing Panel - Datasheet

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