Presenting at Underhåll 2020

Our Sales Manager, David Wadsworth, will be heading to Sweden in March to present a seminar on removing the risk from pressurised tanker deliveries into silos.

The 2020 Maintenance Fair (Underhållsmässan) takes place on March 10-13 at the Swedish Congress & Exhibition Centre (Svenska Mässan) in Gothenburg.

David's presentation will take place at 11.30 am on the 10th - see the description of the presentation below and the full schedule here:

For many years, the bulk powder industry has suffered from problems that arise during the pneumatic delivery of type products; cement, lime and fly ash, from bulk cars to silos.

There are two primary risks - overpressure and environmental emissions - which can both cause serious injury or even lead to fatal accidents. These risks have been experienced throughout the world, but very little has changed in the last 30 years in terms of security processes. With the expansion of the industry, the situation is getting worse.

There is a marked lack of understanding about these issues, and warning signs are often misinterpreted. This, in turn, leads to erroneous solutions and problems that are repeated day in and day out! Hycontrol and Paab Tekno Trading, provide a detailed explanation of this topic that explains why things are going wrong; what equipment to install and its function; and how training will make the delivery process much safer for drivers and staff on site

David Wadsworth has worked for Hycontrol for over eighteen years and has climbed many silos during that time!

David comes from a background in specialized instrumentation, such as designing and producing customized packages for customers to counter overpressure and overfilling in silos.

David was an important cog in the design of the latest silo safety systems, which uses a ground-breaking test of the ground level safety system before each filling. These systems are now used worldwide.

David has also lectured on level measurement of solid materials and silo safety systems around the UK and at the University of Greenwich in London.

The seminar is presented by Paab Tekno Trading and is held in English.

Presenting at Underhåll 2020