To ensure the fulfilment of customer demands, reliable level control and monitoring are essential in the power and energy sector to prevent blockages and drop-outs and to ensure continuity of supply. Hycontrol has worked with several major actors in the power industry around the world, including organisations such as Dounreay Nuclear Power / UKAEAHenan PowerPatnów Power and Meihekou Power. We have supplied equipment and engineering solutions for applications in this sector, such as:

  • Blocked chute detection
  • Flow monitoring
  • Level measurement in hazardous areas (including radioactive materials)
  • Monitoring products such as:
    • Fly ash
    • Coal
    • Steam condensate
    • Heavy water
    • Biomass


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Achieving Reliable & Accurate Solids Level Measurement - White Paper
Overcoming the Challenges of Blocked Chute Detection - White Paper
High-Temperature Blocked Chute Application - Biomass Power Station
Accurate Dam Level Measurement Application - ENDESA Chile
Hazardous Radioactive Level Measurement Application - Dounreay Nuclear Power Station

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